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The Benefits of Installing Elba 90 Cm Built-In Hobs

The versatile range of 90cm gas hobs combines style with functionality. Since every kitchen and cook is different, the Elba 90cm hob range offers a choice of hob configurations that recognize these differences, incorporating burners for everything from quick frying to simmering. Reliable, safe and efficient hobs provided with the new professional looking cast iron pan supports ensure the best cooking process.

The 90cm hob is available in a stainless steel or gas on glass finish and caters for larger families who cook more than the standard household and, therefore, require more burners.

Speed and heat

The 90cm built-in gas hobs are faster than the traditional electric plate hob. An electric plate hob needs to heat up first to the desired temperature, whereas on a gas hob the heat is instant. This is also better on the cooling down process. Electric plates take time to cool down meaning that they are still hot for a while after they are turned off. On a gas hob once it is turned off, the heat is immediately shut down.


Due the fact that the burners heat up and cool down so quickly, the temperature control on these hobs are a lot more precise. You can raise the drop the heat as you need, with immediate response.

Efficient and reliable

Gas hobs do not need electricity to be powered therefore you are in control of the power source. You do not rely on the electricity grid for when you need to cook. Also, with the rising cost of electricity, gas hobs are much more cost effective and efficient than electric plate hobs.


All the Elba built-in hobs have safety devices on all the burners. They have automatic ignition and flame failure devices. All the Elba hobs are built to exacting European safety standards and are approved by the LPGSASA (Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Association of South Africa).

Furthermore, The Elba 90cm hob range comes with a 2 year guarantee. All gas products need to be installed by a certified professional and should be issued with a COC (Certificate of Compliance) upon completion of installation.

So if you’re considering a built-in hob for your kitchen, look no further than the Elba range. The spirit of the Italian design style, built quality and technical innovations, will exceed your every expectation. The biggest surprise will be when comparing the features and value for money the Elba gas hobs offer. Be inspired and bring out your talent for cooking.

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