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The Benefits of Choosing the Elba Built-In Hob Range

The Elba Built-In Hob range provides you with flexibility in terms of cooking functions when you are looking for a new built-in hob. This particular range is available in different sizes, namely 90cm, 60cm and 30cm options. The Built-In Hob range also boasts over 25 different variations which deliver a solution for all. If you are renovating your kitchen or building a new kitchen, one of the decisions that you’ll need to make is choosing a cooking appliance. A built-in hob is a good choice as it will form part of your kitchen and enhance the design.

The 90cm range has 5 different stainless steel models which include the standard 5 burner, the 5 burner with an elongated burner (fish burner), the 5 burner with the powerful 4.2kW burner (dual burner) and triple ring burner (wok burner), the 6 burner with triple ring burner (wok burner) and lastly, the 4 gas burner plus 2 electric hob option. This range also includes a gas on glass model which is also a 5 burner hob. The Elba Built-In Hob range will cater for larger families who cook more food than the standard household and, therefore, require more burners.

The 60cm range includes the smaller built-in hob versions. There are 3 models in this range, namely the 4 Burner Premium with front controls and a triple ring burner (wok burner), the 4 Burner Classic with side controls and the 4 Burner Gas on glass design. Generally, if you have any space constraints in your kitchen then the 60cm range will appeal to you.

The 30cm Domino range consists of over 13 models, including gas on glass and stainless steel, single burners, double burners and electric plate dominos. This range also offers a deep fryer, electric barbeque and vitro ceramic griddle. The Domino range caters for people with kitchen space constraints as well as for people who want to be spoiled for choice. It can also be paired up with the 90cm or 60cm ranges and will compliment any part of your designer kitchen.

The entire Elba Built-In Hob range as well as all the Elba cooker products are designed and manufactured to exacting European standards which comply with South African regulation. All products are also approved for safety by the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association of South Africa (LPGSASA). All these units come with a standard 2 year guarantee for that extra peace of mind.

These Elba Built-In Hobs are built to provide a quality solution to people who want alternative gas products to electrical appliances. They provide functionality as well as ease of use and their stylish designs will compliment any kitchen environment.

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