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Philips HR2737/70 Citrus Press

A modern juicer considered a high-end model by many, the Philips HR2737/70 Citrus Press is just one of a host of available juicers being sold around the world. With so many different models it’s very difficult to decide which one is perfect for your needs. Below we talk about the things this modern fruit and vegetable squeezing machine can do. This information will help you decide if this high-end juicer is perfect to help you live healthier.

Space Age Construction

A great looking juicer with interesting style and character perfect for both a small or large kitchen, we weren’t sure when we first brought the Philips HR2737/70 into our test kitchen. Constructed mainly of space age plastic, the design of this model is sleek and compact looking. The exterior finish on this baby looks wonderful and can be easily matched to many kitchen environments. We do feel however that will model juicer isn’t as robust as many models we have tested and we think it probably won’t live as long as other high-end juicers on the market.

Durable and Powerful

We tested the Philips HR2737/70 Citrus Press for weeks in our test kitchen and found it just kept squeezing out fresh juice that tasted great. The 25 watt motor included with this juicer is a little less powerful than a lot of motors included with state-of-the-art machines we have tested over the years. We still found it to be powerful enough to get the job done consistently for weeks on end. We do suggest however you be careful how hard you work the motor, if you want this juicer to survive for a few years.

The smaller motor included with the Philips HR2737/70 wasn’t any quieter than larger motors included with the majority of other high-end juicers we have reviewed. It was still very quiet during use and shouldn’t disturb any sleepers around your home if you use it early in the morning or late at night.

Take it Apart and Throw it in the Dishwasher

The Philips HR2737/70 Citrus Juicer was a breeze to disassemble and put in the dishwasher and washed up beautifully every time. The exterior finish was easy to clean and didn’t stain and we found we could easily unplug this mean machine and store it away out of sight. In a smaller kitchen this ability will save space. You can also just leave this juicer on the counter for everyone to use at anytime of the day.

Not the Biggest Opening

The Philips HR2737/70 Citrus Juicer is a smaller juicer than many other models currently on the market and we found the opening to be a little small for large size vegetables and fruits. This made it necessary to make sure to chop them up to the proper size before sticking in this juicer. You have to press pretty hard to get it to work perfect, but if you do you get fresh squeezed juice that tastes great every time.

This juicer is not really suitable for elderly people or smaller stature women because you have to press very hard to get it to work as designed. You need to have strong wrists and forearms to use this baby to squeeze juice, which is more work than most high-end juicers we have reviewed over the last few years. We suggest you buy a different model as a gift for your grandmother or person who isn’t very physically strong.

The Final Word

The Philips HR2737/70 Citrus Press isn’t by any means the best juicer we have ever reviewed, but it does the job as well as most we have looked at closely over the years. Being constructed of space age plastic does mean it isn’t as strong as machines made of stainless steel, but if you take care of your new juicer it should last for many years. The smaller motor included does mean this juicer isn’t able to press as much fruit and vegetables as models with larger motors. If you need a cost-effective way to squeeze fresh juice each day for your family? The Philips HR2737/70 is more than capable of handling the work load you have in mind. Check it out if you’re looking for a reasonably priced juicer with the ability to squeeze fresh juice your family can enjoy day after day.

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