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Oyama Rice Cooker – My Personal Review

As an Asian, my day won’t be complete without eating rice. Cooking rice is a tedious task, and I have found that using a rice cooker eases up this task. Over the years, I have used a lot of brands but this has caught my attention – Oyama All Stainless Steel Rice Cooker.

Oyama All Stainless a 10-cup cooker that has mostly stainless steel parts including the bowl. The stainless steel bowl comes with an aluminum core for a more even heat, so no part of the rice is under cooked or burned. It is best for people who are aware about the dangers of Teflon.

Why I don’t like Teflon

Teflon is a popular material for cooking because it is non-stick. Food won’t stick to the pan so you won’t worry about messy cleanup. But Teflon is a made from a chemical called PFOA or C8. In a study by the West Virginia University, about 69,000 men, women, and children that lived near DuPont manufacturing plant, has experienced serious adverse health effects from being exposed to these harmful chemicals.

It is also noted by researchers that Teflon can impair a person’s immune system, thyroid, liver, and can cause high cholesterol rates in children. Moreover, scientists reveal that chemicals found in Teflon may be linked to infertility in women, and can cause cancer.

What I love about Oyama

The bowl is made from stainless steel, so cleanup is as easy as soaking the bowl in warm water for several minutes to easily remove hardened rice.

I bought this cooker because I want a stainless steel bowl without Teflon or any non-stick coating. So far, I am impressed that the rice doesn’t stick into the pan. I also like that a 10-cup rice will only take about 30 minutes to cook. The inner vessel quality is superb and what I like about the bowl is that it has a thick bottom as it avoids the burning or roasting of the rice when set to warm for hours.

What I don’t like about this cooker

Sometimes rice sticks to the cooking bowl. You have to soak it in water for 5 minutes before cleaning the bowl. I don’t like that it has short cords, they should provide a longer cord so I don’t have to move it from one place to another every time I cook rice. Beware of the top spill overs. It is very hot and can burn your hands if you’re not careful.

My Final Review

I bought Oyama All Stainless Steel after I’ve heard that Teflon is bad for your health. So far, I am satisfied with my purchase. It can cook rice as fast as most conventional cookers would, with a decent size fit for the entire family. It has a decent quality but what I don’t like the cord, and the danger of having my hand to get burned because of the warm bubbles that come out from the cooker from time to time. A decent quality for a cheap price, this is what you will expect in Oyama All Stainless steel rice cooker.

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