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How You Can Create Your Own Juicing Recipes

Every good health plan highlights the virtues of drinking fresh juices. If you go to a juice bar, you are likely to find it packed at any hour of the day. Juices are easier on the stomach and help the body absorb nutrients faster. You can create your own juicing recipes to try out new combinations, which pack in all the necessary nutrients in a single glass of juice.

Juices let you enjoy all the benefits of the ingredients without the added worry of consuming calories and putting on weight. To successfully create your own juicing recipes, the first thing you need is a good juicer and blender. The juicer is used to wring the juice out of the ingredients, while a blender mixes the different juices and spices, herbs, etc. together to form one homogenous drink.

Most first time juice enthusiasts find it difficult to get started with preparing various delicious and healthy drinks. The best place to start is to pick the fruits and vegetables you like. Exercise your taste buds and create your own juicing recipes based on which flavors and tastes will complement each other. Fruits usually do not pose much of a problem since they can be juiced conveniently. The problem lies with vegetables that may be totally unpalatable after they are juiced.

In case you are worried about juicing a vegetable which may not taste good after being juiced, try adding the juice of a strong flavored fruit to it. Citrus fruits are very good for masking smells or raw tastes. Berries such as cranberries, strawberries and raspberries provide a tart taste, which adds zing to any drink. Spices and herbs such as ginger, fennel, garlic, cilantro, mint, cardamom, cinnamon and turmeric also help in masking the unusual taste of juices. Moreover, they have health benefits that cannot be overlooked.

Fleshy fruits such as bananas, avocados and guavas are difficult to juice. Guavas do not yield much juice unless they are overripe, and bananas and avocados have no juice at all. They only end up clogging your juicer and make a mess of the process. Citrus fruits, mangoes, berries and melons are great for juicing. You can also mix milk or yogurt with the juices to make milkshakes and smoothies. While selecting ingredients to create your own juicing recipes, choose your products wisely. While you will need to remove the skin for some ingredients with a thick coat, other similar ones may not be good for juicing at all.

The whole fun in juicing lies in experimenting while you create your own juicing recipes. You may falter and make mistakes at first, but in no time, you will develop an instinct for blending flavors and develop the ability to deduce which tastes go together the best. Use just a couple of ingredients at first and then keep adding more. The benefits of juicing are numerous, and you just can’t go wrong with it. It is a simple process, and you will pick it up soon. So, here’s wishing you good luck with juicing.

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