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How To Choose The Best Juicers For Your Needs

Having fresh, healthy and delicious fruity drinks in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings is the great advantage of getting the best juicers. Of course you may only get one machine for your whole household, but you have to consider a number of factors to ensure that you can find a fruit juice extractor that will work to your advantage when it comes to both quality and function.

Getting the Best Juicers

Finding a juicing machine that would work well to your preferences is not a tough job, there is a growing selection of these machines available nowadays. However, there are just a few things that you need to keep in mind before you do get one. One of the things you have to consider is knowing the different types of juicers and which is the best for your needs. There are basically four of these, which are as follows:


These juicing machines are often the ones that you are used to and are used mainly for getting juice out of citrus fruits like oranges, limes, and lemons, amongst others. Because the basic function of this type is to extract juice by pressure, you can find models of the non-electric kind.

Most people who are juicing for weight loss find that the best ones are often of this type, as citrus is more commonly the type of fruit used for dieting. One just needs to chop a citrus fruit in half, and press the halves down on a spinning cone, which then reams the fruit to produce juice.


Compared to other types, this one is a convenient choice for those who do not want to put any effort into their juicing. You would need to chop up fruits first before loading them onto a chute where a spinning basket chops the fruits further, then grates them to release the liquid.

The spinning action creates a circular force that gets the pulp collected within the basket walls, making for easier cleaning. It makes for one of the best juicers since it provides quick juicing and at the same time easy cleaning. They can work for juicing vegetables also.

Some models of centrifugal juicers are those that are called pulp ejecting ones, which rid the pulp and skin from the machine through a separate chamber, making for quick and easy segregation of juice and pulp.


While this device cannot compete against other types when it comes to speed, a masticating juicer can prove to be an effective way to get all the liquid from your fruits. Because it doesn’t just get rid of the necessary pulp or skin, one is bound to get the most juice out of their fruits.

This would make a masticating model ideal for those who are juicing for health purposes, ensuring that every inch of juice within a fruit can be obtained. Such characteristics can also be found in another form of masticating juicers, which are twin gear models. They can work on juicing any possible type of produce as well, and some of these best juicers are equipped with bioceramic materials that can help extend the juice’s shelf life.

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