Kazadeal DSP Professiional Hair Dryer DSP professional hair dryer 2000w

DSP professional hair dryer 2000w

DSP Professional hair dryer is the best hair dryer for adding additional silkiness, style, and beauty to your hair. Installation should be quick and simple with this model because it has a high power of 2000 W.

DSP hair dryer’s body is made of high-quality, heat-resistant plastic, and the handle is non-slip for even more comfortable use.

The hairstyle will stay in place and be more stable with the help of the cool air. A hanging loop for increased usability convenience.

Both home and office use of the DSP hair dryer is acceptable. The DSP hair dryer has a distinctive design, which results in a pleasant working environment. Combining a long-lasting, reliable motor with a potent air speed of up to 2200W. Keratin and Shine Coating offers radiant shine drying.

Powerful airflow for ultra-fast drying Professional DC motor for long-lasting performance Ionic frizz-control smooths the hair as you dry Unique design with complete function Long life motor and high quality switch Safety with filter and overheating protection Two speeds

A hair dryer that can be used both at home and in the salon.

The DSP professional hair dryer has an exceptional ergonomic design that makes using it enjoyable.

For either of the two high-speed modes, 2000 W will be more than enough power.

DSP professional hair dryer

DSP Professional hair dryer feature :

The hairstyle will be easier to maintain and set with the help of the cool air.

A hanging loop for increased usability.

The layout of the controls is practical.

Not folding handle.

The cold air works.

DC motor for long-lasting performance.

High-quality switches and a long-lasting motor.

Protection against overheating and filters.

Plastic case that is heat- and impact-resistant.

Cozy and attractive exterior design.

Cool shot function and hanging loop for the cord guard.

Strong airflow for lightning-fast drying.

A distinctive design with full functionality.

Three heating settings and two speeds.

Cool shot feature and soft touch button features.

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