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Benefits of a Citrus Juicer

Is there anything better than an ice cold glass of orange juice on a hot day or first thing in the morning? If you are a fan of citrus juice you’re probably used to drinking orange and grapefruit juices out of carton, or even buying frozen containers of juice that require you to mix your own water in with frozen orange pulp. Let me tell you, buying yourself a citrus juicer is a great way to ensure that you’re getting the freshest, most nutritious such as juice that you can possibly drink.

First of all, I enjoy knowing that I’m drinking juice squeezed from oranges that were actually ripe when they were juiced. How much juice from a carton or frozen juice do you think is really derived from citrus that is properly ripened? Not very much of it, I’ll bet.

Secondly, nutritionists will tell you that drinking juice of any kind shortly after it is actually squeezed from the fruit or vegetable is the best way to get the full benefits of the fruit, without allowing time for the nutrients to oxidize and become less potent.

As far as cost goes, you will spend more for your morning glass of orange juice, but I can report that from my experience it has been a worthwhile expense. Also, by strategically buying big bunches of oranges and other citrus when they are available, it’s pretty easy to keep your fresh fruit costs down. I now know the schedule of farmers’ markets in my city by heart and I make it a point to drop in every weekend to get my fruit supply for the week.

The cost of a juicer doesn’t have to run more than $20 or $30 if you get a small electrical juicer that requires you to press half a orange or grapefruit into a spinning cone to produce your juice. if you have a larger family or you would like to produce large amounts of juice at one time there are also commercial juicers available for a couple of hundred dollars or even more. You certainly don’t need to spend that much money, however.

For me, getting a good quality citrus juicer and making it a point to buy several pounds of oranges for just a few dollars per week has been a positive lifestyle change that I’m very glad I made. It’s one of those little upgrades that you can do to enhance the quality of your diet and I’d recommend it for anyone. Especially if you live in a semi-agricultural area where roadside stands selling fruit are plentiful: you may never want to eat eight or 10 oranges or grapefruits at a sitting, but juicing them all into a pitcher of wonderfully healthy and nutritious juice is suddenly a practical option, armed with your new citrus juicer.

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