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Best apple watch serties 6 4mm GPS + Cellular

Apple Watch Series 6 lets you measure your blood oxygen level with a revolutionary sensor and app. Take an ECG from your wrist.
2 See your fitness metrics on the enhanced Always-On Retina display, now 2.5x brighter outdoors when your wrist is down. Set a bedtime routine and track your sleep. And reply to calls and messages right from your wrist. It’s the ultimate device for a healthier, more active, more connected life.

 apple watch series 6

  • GPS model lets you take calls and reply to texts from your wrist.
  • Measure your blood oxygen with a sensor and app1.
  • Check your heart rhythm with the ECG app2.
  • The Always-On Retina display is 2.5x brighter outdoors when your wrist is down.

Apple Watch Series 6 performance and battery life.

Apple’s S6 chip is the latest in smartwatch technology. The Series 6 boasts a fast, fluid, and superior performance to any other smartwatch maker.

The battery life is excellent, if not the best. The Series 6 can last more than 36 hours with the Always-On Display active and sleep tracking enabled overnight. This includes two manual ECG recordings and two manual blood oxygen recordings. There are also lots of notifications and a 25 minute run.

Although the Apple Watch Series 6 is an incremental upgrade to the Series 5, there’s nothing wrong. Apple is able to make minor upgrades to its smartwatch lineup every few years without having to compete at the top-end.

Health monitoring

The Series 6 has a sensor at the back that measures your blood oxygen saturation. This sensor is known as SpO2. It is necessary to activate the Series 6 manually and hold your wrist still on a table for at least 15 seconds.

apple watch series 6

The watch measures how oxygenated your blood is. It can also infer how well your body adapts to high altitude. This is why SpO2 sensors are often used in wellness settings. The sensor is used in many high-end running and triathlon watches.

Apple’s improvements include a faster processor and an always-on altimeter, which allows you to see your elevation in real-time. Also, the screen brightness will increase when your wrist is lower. This, along with many other improvements in watch series 6 , makes the Apple Watch Series 6 our Editors’ Choice.

When it comes to Apple tech we only get it once every 18 months to two years. When it arrives there is so much hype and anticipation. Whatever Apple introduces the majority wants immediately. There are already people lined up at the Apple flagship on Fifth Avenue and 58th Street in New York City. Today, along with the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple launched the Apple Watch. Not only is it a marvelous piece of innovative technology that took years to design and build, but it’s fashionable or at least it wants to be.

The Apple watch is available in different materials: gold, steel or aluminum and it comes in different colors. The watch bands also have a myriad of designs..


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