Kazadeal Uncategorized An Easy DIY Repair For Squeaky Juicers, Bread Makers, and Mixers

An Easy DIY Repair For Squeaky Juicers, Bread Makers, and Mixers

If you have squeaking or rattling kitchen appliance you know how annoying this can be. With cheaper devices this is usually the time to retire them and replace with something newer, but in some cases the appliances still feel quite solid and were expensive. Luckily there is an easy fix for many devices, and this is simply lubricating certain parts that are a bit worn and therefore are making more noise than they used to.

Juicers, food processors, and bread makers are all common culprits for making loud squeaks and extra noise after a few years. The manufacturer usually lubricates gears, pulleys, axles and bushes with either silicone or teflon based materials. These do last a long time, and if you can find them they are the best thing to use again. You can get them from electrical repair shops or try hobby shops. The thing about these lubes is that they are very clean and don’t leave ugly stains, thats why hobby makers like to use them. To lubricate the noisy parts you will have to open the appliance case. Turn it off and unplug it, then look for the screws that let you lift off the top, side, or bottom plate – there should be about 4-6 holding it down. Most electrical appliances use phillips head screws, although some use security screws you will need special bits for. Once inside and when you an see the motor, pulleys, and gears, just give the machine a turn by hand. You should hear the familiar squeak, and see where it comes from. All you need to do is apply a few drops of the lubricant between the contact points (eg where an axle runs through a bush or bearing) and run a thin bead around gear wheels. The only place NOT to put any is on a pulley that has a belt running over it, as bread makers often do. There has to be certain amount of friction here so the belt does not just slip. If this does occur you need to clean the lube back off using a cloth and denatured alcohol.

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